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Poreč with its surrounding regions are situated on the north part of the Mediterranean Sea, the closest way to central Europe.
The city of Poreč is situated on the western coast of Istria, a peninsula which for the most part belongs to the Republic of Croatia
Today, with its surrounding region, it has about 17 000 residents. During the summer it hosts more than 70 000 tourists. The small peninsula, where the heart of the old city lies has been inhabited as far back as 6 000 years ago. Two thousand years ago, after conquering the inhabitants, the Histri, the Romans established their colony called Parentium, on this location.
During its storming past, Byzantium, the Venetian Republic, Napoleon's France, Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, Italy and finally Yugoslavia ruled over the city (more about Istrian and Poreč history).
Today, Porec is a real tourist metropolis of Croatian tourism, because of the advantages of the climate, a mix of blue Istria and green Istria (the interior of Istria, especially world famous wines and olive oils), historical sights, one large selection of accommodation units of all kinds and also for the proximity of most Central European countries.
With over 3,850 sunny hours per year, the sea temperature in summer can also be increased till 28 ° C.

The old city is a cultural monument all by itself. There is a sacral complex, the Euphrasian with the Basilica from VI century which standout. The mosaics that decorate the interior and the forepart of the church fall into a category of the most beautifully preserved works of Byzantium art  

UNESCO has classified the whole complex 
since 1997, as the world's cultural heritage.



Distances from Poreč (in Km):

- Railway station Pazin: 32 km
- Airport Pula: 60 km
- Sport airport and aero-taxi Vrsar: 12 km

- Rovinj 35, Pula 55, Koper 55, Trieste 70, Rijeka 90, 250, Zagreb
- Ljubljana 150, Venice, 290, Milano 480, München 600, Wien 540, Budapest 600, Praga 800, Frankfurt 950, Amsterdam 1400

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