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Teamar acts as an intermediary on behalf of the landlords, which are advertised on our website. The customer negotiates with the landlord of the property. The contract covers all of the following conditions. Teamar is not an administration / management company.
Upon booking, you confirm that you agree to the booking terms which you have carefully studied.


By submitting a booking inquiry by email or fax, you will reach a provisional booking. This must be carried out by a adult person (at least 18 years) who is authorized by all parties to book the booking conditions accordingly. The booking carrier is obliged to adhere to all conditions.

The booking carrier is responsible for all payments. After the booking confirmation by Teamar has been sent, a deposit of approximately 20-30% of the payment or a minimum payment of 100 Euro is required, which is to be transferred to our account. In same cases a higher deposit may be requested by Teamar or the landlord.
The booking carrier will be notified, in the event of any unforeseen events, before sending a booking confirmation by Teamar. The remaining part of the payment is to be made on the day of arrival, at the reception of the Agency Teamar. The booking can be made by e-mail or fax. Upon receipt of the provisional booking confirmation, we ask you to transfer the deposit within 5 working days. If the payment is not made within 7 days, the booking will be canceled automatically, unless otherwise agreed.

The deposit can be paid to our bank account either in Euro or Kuna.

A minor person (less than 18 years old) can not book. We reserve the right to refuse such requests without the need for a specific explanation.

Teamar professionally takes care of all services, the selection of service providers as well as the rights and interests of the guests according to the good traditions of tourism. Teamar undertakes to fulfill all contractually agreed services for each booking and, where appropriate, to provide explanations and answers in the case of services that are not or only partly fulfilled


The contract between the carrier and the landlord enters into force after the receipt of the down payment and the receipt of the booking confirmation (voucher). The contract is subject to Croatian law. All disputes, claims or similar matters arising in connection with this Agreement may only be negotiated at a Croatian court.

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation (voucher), we ask you to thoroughly check all your data. You must contact us immediately if there are any inconsistencies in the data which could later lead to difficulties in the fulfillment of the services.
We apologize in advance for not accepting any responsibility for dissatisfaction due to errors in data if they have not been reported to us within 14 days of receipt of the booking confirmation (voucher).


Prices of accommodation and services can be found on our website Additional services that we have listed and which were not selected at the time of booking will not be charged in the total amount. If necessary, these services will be charged upon your arrival. We recommend you to select all the desired services at the time of booking.

The prices on the website are in Euro and are formed according to the exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank.

The accommodations are furnished and fully equipped. The price includes bed linen, gas, electricity, hot and cold water, parking place for the car, barbecue (if available in consultation with the owner).
Many properties have air-conditioning, but this can lead to additional costs. You will be informed when booking.
Satellite or cable TV is available in all accommodation, but access to all channels is not guaranteed, but only the free TV channels. Also the Croatian, local channels are not available everywhere. Ask in advance if you are interested in the Croatian channels.
If you want to use the Internet, you should bring your own devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone or similar).
A fax machine is available at Teamar's reception.


A deposit may be required as insurance in the event of damage or breakages. The deposit will be requested on the arrival, at the reception Teamar and it depends of the property, usually from 100 to 500 . At the booking, you will be informed about the amount of the deposit. It should be provided on the day of arrival and the entry in the object can be denied until the payment of the deposit.

The deposit is usually returned at the end of the stay after checking the object. In exceptional cases, if the repair requires additional time, the deposit or the remainder of the deposit will be refunded at a later date.


If you wish to make changes or additions to the booking after you have received the booking confirmation, you need to contact Teamar as soon as possible. In any case, Teamar will try to fulfill your request but can not guarantee it.


If you wish to cancel your booking, you can do it by writing to or on fax No. +385 52432529. This cancellation becomes effective after receipt of the cancellation confirmation. Cancellations are only accepted if they are made by the booking carrier. Cancellations are subject to a charge. The cost depends on the period between the cancellation confirmation and the date of the planned arrival.
The cancellation charges are as follows:

- more than 45 days before the arrival day: 30% of the sent deposit or a minimum of 30 Euro to cover the costs of cancelation and money sending
- from 0 till 45 days before arrival: 100% of the sent deposit
- "No-show" (absence without announcement): 100% of the sent deposit

Depending on the reason for the cancellation and the conditions, you can request reimbursement of the costs to your insurance, according to the previously agreed insurance contract. Claims are against the insurance company. Teamar recommends that you take in consideration a travel insurance policy before you book


In case of unexpected cancellation of the booked object by Teamar or by the landlord for objective reasons, the booking carrier will be informed as soon as possible about alternative objects which correspond to the booked type, standard and location. In the event that the carrier agrees with the replacement object, the booking will be changed without additional costs.

If no available replacement object is available or no other object is acceptable by the carrier, the deposit will be refunded in full amount. In this case, the obligation of Teamar or the landlord towards the carrier/guests ends.


If there are problems with accommodation during your stay, please inform the Teamar reception or the landlord as soon as possible so that the landlord has the opportunity to resolve the problem. It is in the interest of the guest that all faults or problems as fast as possible, at the place can be remedied.
In the event of deficiencies not reported, later there may be not a right to objection for it.

If the deficiencies can not be completely solved during your stay, it is necessary to contact Teamar reception before departure or at the latest within 8 days of departure, citing detailed information in your complaint. We will inform the landlord of the property with the content. In all cases we will try to resolve conflicts with peaceful means. If no objections are raised within 8 days of departure, we reserve the right to refuse all possible claims.
Complaints are only taken into account if the deficiencies could not be remedied on the spot.
The amount of compensation for a complaint may be calculated on the basis of published prices for services, but no refund may be given for services already rendered or it can be equal to the total amount of the stay.

With the voluntary, unsolicited leave of the object before the end of the planned stay you lose the right to a refund.


Check-in is from 2 pm to 8 pm Croatian Time (GMT + 1).
Check-out must be done till 10 am, unless otherwise agreed.
If the planned arrival will be after 7 pm or in case of unforeseen circumstances during the trip it can not be before 7 pm, you will be asked to contact the reception with a short call or e-mail.
If the arriving will be after 9 pm or later, a fee will be charged:
- From 9 pm to 11 pm hours: 20.00
- Arrivals after 11 pm are not possible.


The booking confirmation (voucher) with further instructions and details will be sent by Teamar to the carrier of the booking by e-mail.
The carrier of the booking is responsible for the validity of the travel documents (identity cards, passports and visas, driving licenses, vehicle approvals, car insurance, pet documents, etc.).

In case of cancellation due to invalid travel documents of guests, further damage for Teamar or the landlord may arise and guests lose the right to a refund of the deposit.
If travel documents are lost or stolen during the trip, the guests bear the costs of issuing new documents themselves.
Teamar is not responsible for the decisions of customs, police and other government authorities, or in the case if guests crossing the border is refused.
The guest is obligated to comply with the regulations and regulatory requirements of the Republic of Croatia and the countries through which he travels.


The described objects are in accordance with the official categorization at the time of their publication on the website. The information has received Teamar from the landlord.
The standards of the objects and services can differ from one another and therefore can not be compared with each other. Teamar assumes no responsibility for any oral or written information by third parties which does not correspond to the description of the objects and services on the website.
Teamar is not responsible in case of misleading information from other business partners.


Guests are requested to leave the property, furniture, items, machinery and equipment in the same condition as they were found. The same applies to cleanliness and order. Guests are responsible for breakage, loss or damage to property.
We ask you for the compliance and respect the house rules in the properties / apartments / houses.
Once again, we recommend you to consider the appropriate travel insurance in insurance company of your trust

The landlord can reserves the right to deduct from the deposit for the additional cleaning, if additional hours (more that the regular time) are necessary for cleaning.

Parking of trailers or the raising of tents on the property is strictly forbidden (unless previously agreed with the landlord or with Teamar).


Only the persons mentioned in the booking confirmation (or later with the consent of Teamar) can use the facility. The maximum number of persons (this also applies to children) in the house must not be exceeded.
In case of exceeding the maximum number of persons, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease without the return of the payment.


To the landlord must be allowed access to maintenance and, if necessary, to check the condition of the property.


The booking carrier is responsible for the proper, appropriate and decent behavior of all guests. In the event that one or more guests behave inappropriately, unreasonable or unbiased, the owner or team member may, at his own discretion, request the guests to leave the object without claiming a refund.


Please give enough time to organize additional services. The payment for these additional services usually takes place at the Teamar reception. However, we can not guarantee or assume responsibility for unusual claims.


Bed linen and weekly change are included in the price. Towels are also provided free of charge.
Beach towels and beach equipment must however be brought with.

19. POOL

Outdoor pools (where available) are not open throughout the year. Please check with Teamar if pools are available and if there is a possibility to use them for requested period.


Teamar acts as an intermediary on behalf of the landlord, for the rental of private property. In the event that you plan a private event in the property (for example, meeting, wedding, cocktail party, etc.), it is necessary to obtain a prior approval from Teamar or the landlord. In such a case, additional costs and or the increase in the deposit may be incurred at the discretion of the lessor.


The storage of valuables in the object is at your own risk. Neither Teamar nor the landlord are responsible for the loss.
In the case of burglary or theft and the subsequent voluntary leaving of the facility (due to burglary or theft), no refund is possible.


Although we make every effort to provide accurate descriptions, we can not be held responsible for errors or omissions in the content or the resulting contexts. They must accept the fact that differences are possible and may occur during the description and presentation of the object even in a short period of time.

The landlord reserves the right to make changes, additions and improvements, which are considered necessary for the purpose of continually improving the quality of the accommodation. The landlord also reserves the right to make changes to the interior spaces, furniture, appliances and services as well as to the exterior, the garden, etc. irrespective of whether these changes have been cited or not.

In the event that important changes have been made after confirmation of the booking, Teamar will immediately draw the attention to the booking carrier.


Pets are allowed only with the prior consent of Teamar or the landlord during the booking request. The price is shown in the price list. The landlord or Teamar has the right to increase the amount of the deposit if necessary. The number of pets must be stated before reservation confirmation, but always with the agreement and the agreement of Teamar or the landlord.


Neither Teamar neither the landlord can be held responsible for the death or personal injury of the guests or any other person in the house, unless this is the result of proven deficiencies and / or errors in the object and the negligence and / or mistakes of the landlord or the Teamar staff..

The landlord and / or Teamar is not liable for the loss, or possible damage caused by delays or similar reason which are beyond our control such as: explosion, storm, fire, accident, war or war risk, unrest, measures of the state or local authorities, strikes, labor activities, or due to unfavorable weather conditions. In this case we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

In the case of termination of the contract, the repayment is limited to the unused portion of the payment, which is calculated on the basis of the daily price. The fees for covering the costs are 50 .

Neither Teamar nor the landlord can be held liable for unforeseen breakdowns of machinery and equipment, such as pumps, boilers, water filter systems in the pool, etc., or for deficiencies in the provision of public services such as water, gas and electricity. In such cases, we thank our guests for their understanding and patience.

Neither Teamar nor the landlord can be held responsible for any noise or disturbances that are outside the limits of the object or outside our control. In the event of unforeseen work being carried out in the vicinity, of the object, which is associated with a considerable noise disturbance before their arrival, Teamar will inform the carrier of the booking.

24. 6
We are not responsible for events beyond our control, such as bad weather, rain, including various disturbances caused by bad weather. If due to these events the object is left voluntarily, no refund is possible.


We occasionally refer you to other websites that might be useful for your holiday planning. Teamar can not be held responsible for the actions or contents of these websites.
It is up to you to check the status of these pages and to contact us, if necessary, for checking the data.


Teamar will try to satisfy every request and request at the time of booking, but unfortunately can not guarantee it. Special services are not part of our contractual obligations and we assume no liability in the event that they are not fulfilled as expected.


The guest will provide the personal data (name, e-mail, address, telephone number) on a voluntary basis. We need these personal data for the realization of services, which are needed for further communication, for the booking procedure and for the eventually data logging for state services. This data can be stored in our database. However, these are not passed on to third parties.


Teamar Ltd. protects the privacy of its customers and partners.
Your data is only used during the realization of your booking. We promise that we will not sell them to third parties or otherwise forward them.
The collected data are only available to our partners, in order to facilitate their realization. However, this does not apply to personal information, which would make identification possible. The business partners may only use personal data to provide the desired services.

We use your data in accordance with the data protection regulations, which apply at the time of the data collection.
This website contains links to other websites.
This Privacy Policy applies solely to information on this site and to information collected with this site.