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Dear guests,

With some next explanations we would like to help you to find us easier:

HOW TO ARRIVE IN POREČ (with car or bus)?

In Poreč you can arrive with car or bus from three directions:
from north, from direction Italy (Trieste) through Slovenia till Croatia-Buje-Novigrad-Poreč north gate  
- or the second way, from Italy-Slovenia- Buje-Vižinada-Poreč

The best solution is with highway "Istrian Y" from Slovenian-Croatian border till Poreč
- on exit N.4 Višnjan or exit N.5 Bonaci (about 10 km from Poreč)
from east (from direction Rijeka, tunnel Učka-Pazin-Baderna-Poreč central town gate)
- from south (from direction Pula-Rovinj-Vrsar-Poreč south town gate).

We are situated in a central part of the town, near the shopping center LACOP (see the city map).

1. The north gateway in Poreč (from direction Novigrad or Vižinada):
- Continuing to direction town center through 3 roundabouts
- On your arrive to the fourth roundabout, on your left side you can see the parking place of shopping center
   Konzum-LaCop and here you need to turn left
- before this roundabout, on the left side there are few agency's commercial board
- after this roundabout, on the right side is the parking place of LACOP shopping center and on left side is our agency
   (see the detailed city map)

2. The east gateway in Poreč  (from Pazin, Baderna or Žbandaj):
- The simplest way: from the highway's exit N.4 and proceeding  through Žbandaj, Vrvari (Poreč suburbs) and on Vrvari exit turn
    right in direction "Industrijska zona". After about 700m, on next roundabout turn left.
Now you are in our M.Vlašića street. Continuing straight ahead about 1500m till you reach the shopping center Konzum-LaCop.
On the left side is LACOP shopping center with big parking place and on the right side of the street is our tourist agency
- In case you miss Vrvari exit and continue in direction center of the town then:
   - On your arrive in town, on the first crossroad with roundabout turn right
   - Continue straight ahead through the next crossroad with street lamps till the next crossroad with roundabout
   This crossroad is the same one described in previous paragraph.
  From this point are visible the shopping center parking place and our agency over the parking  place.
- Turn right and after about 40m on the left side is our agency.

3. The south gateway in Poreč  (from Vrsar o  Rovinj):
- Continuing on the main road in direction center.
- On the way, before center are tourist village Zelena Laguna, Plava Laguna and    Brulo.
- On the first street lamp continue straight on through second and till third crossroad with
   street lamp. This is the same one described in the first chapter of this description.

GPS agency coordinates:  Lat: 45° 13' 51,50" N   -   Lon: 13° 36' 17,20" E
Additional maps, indications and information on next links:


  The allowed percentage of alcohol in blood for all driver on croatian roads is:
  • for car driver over 24 years old: 0,5‰      
  • for young car driver till 24 years old:  0,0‰
  • for professional driver on duty (taxi, bus, trucks, excursion van drivers ...): 0,0‰
  • more strict measure for driver which exceed speed limits or drive with non permitted alcohol percentage in blood

Important for guests in transit through Slovenia, from Austria or Italy in direction Istria or Croatia and vice versa:

  • Obligatory possession of the prepaid ticket (vigniette) for all vehicle.   
  • The prepaid tickets can be obtained at every slovenian state bordercrossing, newspaper stands, post offices, on Petrol and OMV oil station and Kompas points
  • The penalty for driver without prepaid ticket or with non valid ticket if from 300 till 800 Euro. The ticket had to be attached on the windshield wiper, on upper driver (left) corner
  • Also for using (in transit) of the short 5km long part of highway from italy's-slovenian border crossing to Koper/Capodistria and than change direction to Istria or Croatia, will be necessary to own the valid prepaid ticket. This 5km of road will be cost at least 15,00 Euro (the smaller 7 days ticket).
  • For other slovenian state roads no prepaid ticked are required.
 On slovenian highways are operative new prepaid tickets (vignette):
  • 15,00 Euro, valid for 7 days                                                                  
    ATTENTION: If the stay are 7 nights, on your return through Slovenia the 7-days ticket will be not valid any more and you had to buy another new one for another 15,00 Euro
  • 30,00 Euro, valid for 1 month
  • 110,00 Euro, valid for one year     
  • For drivers of the vehicle without winter car equipment the fine is 120 euros
  • For drivers of the vehicle who causes traffic jam or accidents because of the lack of winter equipment of the vehicle the fine is 500 euros

June - August:  from 08:00 AM till 9:00 PM, non-stop
April, May, September
: from 08:00 AM till 9:00 PM, pause 1:30-4:00 PM

  TEAMAR tourist agency
Mate Vlašića 23, 52440 Poreč     
ID: HR-AB-52-040126510
tel: 00385 52 432 529, 431 824
fax: 00385 52 431 824